SocialCentiv Wins More Than 1,000 Clients Since SXSW Product Launch

SocialCentiv logoThe marketing technology company HipLogiq launched their newest social media software SocialCentiv at last month’s SXSW Conference. Within 30 days after its launch, the company says more than 1,000 companies had become customers.

Designed for small to medium sized businesses, SocialCentiv claims to help companies identify potential customers on social media sites like Twitter, allowing them to reply to social media conversations with location-based offers. When someone uses an offer, SocialCentiv emails a referral incentive reward to the new customer. The software also includes reporting options to analyze leads and social media marketing campaigns.

“SocialCentiv is ideal for smaller businesses who want to engage with customers but on a much smaller budget than bigger brands,” said  Bernard Perrine, CEO and co-founder of HipLogiq, “Because business owners manage customer conversations on Twitter themselves, SocialCentiv is a great value.”

According to Perrine, their first software product, SocialCompass, is an enterprise solution that Hiplogiq manages for its clients. Like SocialCompass, SocialCentiv helps businesses engage in location-based conversations, but is a DIY solution without the reputation monitoring service of SocialCompass.

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